You’ve heard of the End Zone maybe you know the Red Zone. Now it’s time for the Green Zone.

Get your 13th man out of the End Zone and into the Green Zone by choosing our Eco- friendly solutions!

The Green Zone is Film Tech Plastics initiative to provide Eco-friendly solutions for the environment.

When requested, all of our products are now available as biodegradable plastic.

When you need a cost effective solution with dependability, RECYCLSAC 900 bags are
the answer.

Made from post-industrial recycled resins, these bags perform well in a wide range
of applications. In addition to great performance, they also promote environmental
sustainability while keeping costs in line.

Whether its food packaging or non food packaging our plastic can degrade, when exposed to oxygen, heat and moisture.

Still dependable and cost effective, degradable bags reduce landfill volume and plastic pollution. Ask for more information about our BIOSTAR 1 bags or films.


Renewable Resin
The technology used to manufacture these bags or films contain annual renewable resources. This results in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. A typical bag made from renewable resin, results in a reduction of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional polyethylene. Our BIOSTAR 2 bags or films are dependable. This solution reduces our carbon footprint.

Be a catalyst for change! Combine any of our BIOSTAR solutions above to create a hybrid bag for the maximum impact. Reducing our carbon footprint at the source as well as having it degrade!

Contact us today for more information and possibilities for a greener responsible tomorrow.

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